Please make sure you review the below Petrichor Covenant, and that you fully understand them BEFORE renting a parcel to ensure it will meet your needs. Failure to comply with this covenant will result in loss of rental without refund.


Petrichor Covenant:

* Do not trespass over other parcels.

* Be respectful to your neighbors.

* No ban lines, use the provided caspersafe security instead, or use your own.

* Consult us before changing the nature or house. Yes you can change house.

* Basically no eye sores. Keep in style with the sim.

* Platforms may be rezzed between 1250 and 1500 meters.

* No breeding, limit free roaming pets to one to keep lag down.

* No child avatars or age play. (all your baby are belong to us) (j/k)

* Turn off public build rights on your parcel to prevent griefers from griefing.

* When in doubt or if you want to change a house or nature.ask one of us listed below.

* Rent is non-refundable.

* Be respectful of others. We have a zero-tolerance policy on disrespect, intolerance, and ignorant behavior. This means we do not permit racism, homophobia, sexism, hate speech, bullying or discrimination against any person or group of people. Any of these offenses are grounds for IMMEDIATE reclaiming of your parcel without refund.


* Please take note: You are responsible for the conduct and actions of those you bring onto your parcel, so please make sure they understand the conduct guidelines that are required while visiting. Please make sure that your guests respect the privacy of your neighbors and anyone whom is visiting the region.


* Petrichor ground level is strictly residential and as such is intended for private residential use only. This means no clubs, stores, etc are permitted. If you want a store here you can contact us for a store space at Petrichor Shops at a higher altitude.

* The regions have been landscaped and each parcel has buildings that complement the theme of the sim. There is no swapping of buildings on the parcels without prior approval of Petrichor Estates owner and/or management. You must have either paid at least 1 months rent in advance upon claiming a parcel or have already been with us for at least one month to make a house change request. Sky platforms are permitted as long as you place them between 1250M and 1500M in sky.

* TERRAFORMING IS NOT PERMITTED by the residents but if you need some changes made, please contact Night Starchild who will be happy to accommodate you if possible and it stays in keeping with the surrounding terrain and landscape.

* BAN LINES ARE NOT PERMITTED. A security orb will be supplied to you for the duration of your rental. We require you to keep the Orb active at all times. This prevents people from wandering onto your parcel and making themselves at home while you are away. It also protects the peace and privacy of your neighbors. If you choose to not use a security orb, you MUST make sure you check Payment Info Required under your parcel settings. Most griefers have no payment info set.

* BREEDABLES, WEAPONS, ANIMATED OR ROTATING TEXTURES, HEAVILY SCRIPTED ITEMS, ROAMING ANIMALS AND THE LIKE ARE NOT PERMITTED, Please do not place any of these on your parcel as they strain sim resources that are shared by all as well as wander off of your parcel and encroach onto other properties. If scripted items on your parcel are found to be affecting sim performance they will be returned to you.

* PARCELS CANNOT BE RESOLD. If you choose to vacate your parcel at any time, please notify click the non* renewal option on your rental box to notify us of your intent to vacate. Failing to follow this guideline will result in an immediate reclaiming of your parcel with no refund.

Any vegetation/nature/rocks/trees etc owned by Night Starchild CAN NOT BE RETURNED. Please do not return items on your parcel owned by Night as it will disrupt the landscaping that ensures the privacy for each parcel. If there is something you dislike please contact Night Starchild to have it removed and/or replaced with something different. In addition, the region is landscaped to a theme. In order to maintain continuity of this theme and also keep screen lag down, we ask that if you wish additional landscaping (added trees, plants, etc) to contact Night Starchild, who will gladly do this for you. Similarly, please do not add additional buildings to your parcel without contacting Night Starchild first to review.

Any decorative items INSIDE your house owned by Onyx Starchild CAN be returned.

You are free to decorate your own home to your liking, if this is a problem, our homes can be rented pre-decorated by Onyx Starchild.

You may request Onyx Starchild to decorate your home for you with high quality items from her favorite brands like nutmeg, apple fall, fourth wall, kraftwork, moss & mink and the likes, there will be an additional 250L fee per week added to your tier to cover her purchase costs..In case of a new style that she hasn’t done before there might be an additional start fee to cover some of the cost. Consult Onyx Starchild with your particular needs/wishes for a proper estimate..

* Seasonal Changes will occur on the region Crystal Island. Notification of seasonal changes will be announced in the Petrichor Estates group.


* You can reserve an available parcel by paying the rental box (mailbox) at the entrance for the parcel.

* Each Parcel will be sold to the tenant so they can enjoy full parcel controls, such as privacy feature, media, ban / allow list. etc.

* If you are not planning on renewing your rental period, please make sure to mark on your rental box. Once you have indicated you will not be staying this notifies the staff. If you have remaining time on the rental and would like a refund please let us know. PLEASE NOTE : remaining time is refunded if and when, we find another tenant to claim the rental. Only then will the remaining time be refunded.
We work diligently to try and find another tenant. Thank you for your understanding.


* Parcels are mostly automatically governed by us, we share prims in the region and have an object bonus factor,  owning a parcel limits the ability to share prims, and can sometimes limit your prim usage.

A radio and CasperSafe security orb are provided for your parcel. If you choose instead to own the parcel for any reason, you are responsible for setting it up correctly and to not accidentally return items rezzed by management.

Requirements when owning a parcel.

At the Options tab:

Check “Allow Public Access” in the “About Land” floater as this will prevent ban lines.

Uncheck “Build by Everyone” and “Obect Entry by Everyone”

At the Sound tab:

Check “Restrict gesture and object sounds to this parcel” and “Restrict Voice to this parcel”

At the Access tab:

Check “Anyone can visit” (Ban lines are not allowed to maintain the views).

If you have a persistent griefer, contact Onyx or Night Starchild and we will gladly set an estate wide ban.

* You must use the provided Caspersafe land security orb provided to you for the duration of your rental. We require you to keep the Orb active at all times, this helps deter griefers for everyone else, even when you are not home.

RENT MUST BE PAID ON TIME, NO EXCEPTIONS. We do allow a 24 hour grace period. If your rent becomes past due, you risk immediate return of all objects and reclaiming of the parcel. We will not be responsible for any lost items in reclaiming of land. Petrichor Estates Management will send a courtesy message to you regarding your rental should it lapse.

* Your rental box, a black mailbox, can be found at the entrance to your parcel. This is where you pay your weekly rent in whatever increment works best for you. You can rent up to four weeks at a time, up to a total maximum of 32 weeks.

* Rent amount is non-negotiable. Rent amount is based on the number of prims your parcel holds. This rate is uniform throughout Petrichor Estates regions regardless of parcel square meter size.

* Please note: Prices are subject to change at any time and ample notice will be given in the event of an increase.

Above all, simply just respect other member’s privacy and parcels. Should any issues arise, please contact one of us listed below.

Petrichor Estates Owners – Night Starchild & Onyx Starchild