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  • Our support staff possess an impressive combination of technical expertise and interpersonal skills.
    They have a wealth of experience in Second Life technologies as well as being knowledgeable about the current trends and grid-wide issues.
    This combined with their exceptional interpersonal abilities makes our support team a highly sought after asset among Second Life estates across the grid.


  • We are here to ensure our residents get the most out of their stay with us.
    Whether you need help moving items in and around your home, decorating it for you or setting up parcel settings, we are ready to assist.
    You can even call on us to add your favorite radio stream to your land radio don’t hesitate to reach out for support – we’re here to help!


  • If you’re having any other issues in Second Life, our dedicated support staff is eager to support you.
    We prioritize the needs of our residents and provide assistance with any technical issues even if they have nothing to do with your rental, such as body disappearance after teleporting.
    Feel free to reach out for professional help at Petrichor!


We are working on our ticket system, soon you can open a ticket in our ticket system.
This will ensure that your request is properly tracked and dealt with promptly giving you peace of mind.

For now the quickest way to get support is to visit our rental office and click on any CSR listed on the wall that is listed as ONLINE and hit CALL from the menu.
Our representative will teleport to your location. You will get confirmation from our lovely bot.


Click here to teleport to our in-world Rental Office